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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Not to turn this into a celebrity spotting blog, a gawker if you will, but I need to post this.

I left work today and was chatting it up with two co-workers. It was a beautiful day so I decided I was going to walk down to 14th street. I normally get on the subway at 49th, so today I was skipping that. At 47th street and 7th, we had a DON'T WALK sign, so we did not walk. As we waited, there was a siren coming from the right. It wasn't like a normal police or fire siren, but one of those that go, "WOOP! WOOPWOOP!" Which translates to get out of the way. They are usually reserved for diplomats and dignitaries. Crap like that.

The weird thing about this one is that behind this SUV that was WOOPing was another SUV with a woman sticking out of the sunroof with a camcorder. She seemed to point it in our direction, and as they drove by I stared at her and said, "Is that Madonna?"

The reply was "Yes, that's Madonna."

Holy crap! And lucky me, I have my camera phone on me! And I have a blog that people read!

They made a right onto 7th and were stuck in traffic, so I made my way towards her with my phone at the ready. Without warning, they darted two lanes to the left and hauled ass through the light. But as anyone knows, you aren't getting too far in midtown at 4:30 in the afternoon. Luckily, they got stuck on the next block in more traffic. God bless Times Square gridlock. I bid adieu to my co-workers and jogged up to the superstar. I Froggered through a few lanes of taxis to get next to the SUV. I held up my camera, just as she put down her camera, she looked at me, seeming kind of freaked out. I then said, "Hi Esther." She then said "Hi" and went back down into the car.

YES! Madonna just talked to me.

Anyway, here is the photo.

And look! She's smiling, quite possibly laughing. I made Madonna laugh. If I had just said "Hi Madonna" I probably would have gotten the shit pumped out of me by that guy in the passenger seat who looks like he wants to rid me of my shit, in the form of a beating. But because I said Esther, she dug it. When they started driving again, I looked back and there was another woman in the back seat with Esther, and she was looking at me and smiling. I was hoping they'd invite me into the car with them and we'd go on some sort of Gotham Sex Romp, but no such luck.

Oh well. Still a good picture. If I had my old phone with me, all I could have done was maybe throw it at her, or ask if she'd like to play a game of "Snake" or "Memory". I wish I had my real camera so I could have gotten a better picture, but I was charging the batteries.

I'll always have William Hung.

(Also, I take back what I said the other day. Madonna, er, I mean Esther, is still hot.)

Another thing I love about the photo is that she is right in front of a McDonald's which segues perfectly into the post below this one.

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