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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

If I was a "mic'd up" professional sports player or coach, I would be so happy. I hate hearing forced conversations like the one they just showed during the Cavs game between the Cavs' head coach and the refs. It was just kind of dumb and unnecessary. If I was mic'd up, I would try to get some more interesting conversations going. Or at least try to get a rise out of some teammates.

Hey, that chick we did that thing with last night. You think she died?

Just so you know, when you're sliding into first and you feel something burst, diarrhea... diarrhea...

When was the last time you shit your pants?

Which is your least favorite minority? Overall and in this dugout.

The one URL that consistently shows up on my sitemeter (even when I wasn't blogging) is this one. I talked about it here way back when, but I am just confused as to why it produces so many hits. I find it odd. I also still get plenty of hits for Google searches asking about bat shit in Doritos.

Oh, hey, if anyone knows anyone who works for The Great Doritos Corporation of America, can you please ask them why they don't make the Guacamole Doritos anymore? It's so sad.

Haha. I just went to their web site and while it's loading, it says "Prepare to take snacking to a higher level." You know, because your snacking lately has been totally lax! You snack like a pussy!

You know what I used to take for granted in New York? Blimp sightings. Oh, and crack cocaine.
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