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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hi there. So my sister is a singing and dancing queer on a cruise ship, which is how I got to go to a ton of different places in two weeks. My vacation started off in DC, where I went to a wedding for my old pal, Matt, who you might remember as the guy who got his head knocked open while whitewater rafting. You might also remember him as the guy who yelled "LOOK AT HIS BALLS!" That had nothing to do with my sister. My trip with her started in Southampton, England.

I have lots to tell you about my vacation, but whether or not I will actually tell you about it is up in the air. Only because I am lazy.

Maybe here are some pictures, in order of places visited.

Here we (me and me lady) are in Wales. We went on this bike trip. Some guy drove by in his tiny little car blasting some rap music. It was not very old country. It wasn't even old school. It made me feel like I was not in Wales. But then some old dude walked by later with milk and bread in a basket. I was okay with that.


Here is me and my kid sister (the singin' and dancin' queer) enjoying a beer at a pub after some biking. Unfortunately, we had to bike back after this. Everyone kind of just wanted to get drunk and not do any more biking.

european cruise 064

Here is my lady trying her first Guinness ever. It was always one of those things she just assumed she would hate. But she was in Dublin and at the Guinness Brewery, so she had to have one. After some deliberation, she realized she liked it. That made me really happy.

Tania, pre-GuinnessTania, trying Guinnessnot sure yet

There was an impromptu chugging contest between Tania and Laurie. My sister learned that you do NOT challenge Tania to any sort of chugging contest. Whether it be beer, Diet Coke or bacon grease... Tania will learn you good!

chugging challenge

Here is a picture from the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. It's one of the coolest things I have ever seen and has nothing to do with tattoos. By the way, go to Edinburgh. Holy shit, what a city. It makes Cleveland seem like only the second best city in the world. Seriously, Edinburgh is just beautiful. It's prettier than you and has a nicer accent. You should go.


There is more to be had, but I need to go to bed. I will post more later.

Our flight from DC back to Cleveland was on the Enola Gay. Or maybe it was the Spirit of St. Louis. Either way, it was fucking tiny and it had propellers.

bombs away
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