Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

As you can see, my blog is all different. It's blue instead of red. Links and shit are on the right. All the people I used to link to are gone.

This was not done on purpose. I was fucking around the other night and thought it might be fun to see my blog look kind of different. See, Blogger told me that I would have easy access to my old template if I wanted to revert back. Well, I switched things up, wasn't crazy about it and then hit the revert button, whatever it was called. And nothing happened. It would not revert.

"Revert!" I yelled. "Revert!"

Reverting was not an option. So here we are. All blue. I think the problem with reverting to my old template was just that -- it's old. That was the first and only template I've ever had, starting way back in 2003 when I created a blog because Anise told me to. I had no idea what I was doing, hence the title "Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before." It was the first thing that I thought of and I had literally never blogged before, so it was the truth.

Anyway, I will get those links back up eventually. Maybe add some new ones. Although, I will probably forget some people I had up there. I am lazy when it comes to linking.

So I am "reading" the swimsuit issue on the crapper and I realize on the cover it says "Beyonce As You've Never Seen Her." She is in some bathing suits. Whoa! Ain't never seen a scantily clad Beyonce before!

Photos of the following would have made that claim more accurate:

  • Beyonce deep sea fishing.
  • Beyonce testifying at the Iran Contra hearings.
  • Beyonce after she fell down a well.
  • Beyonce punching homeless children.
  • (I almost typed holeless instead of homeless, which brings me to my next one)
  • Beyonce punching children who have no holes.

And they still do the body paint thing. Why???!?! I feel like this is some weird fetish that a photographer or an editor at SI must have. I mean, if you really wanted me to, I could think of ways to make Daniella Sarahyba be not hot, but putting Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons on her boobs would be so far down on my list.

You know what's crazy to think about? Every newspaper in the country right now probably has a Britney Spears obituary ready. And it was updated right quick this past weekend.

Oh well. If you have any template suggestions, let me know.

Hey, the title thing works! That might be fun. And labels. I can label things now, whatever that entails.

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