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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A few weeks ago I was driving by a school bus filled with what I think were high school kids. In the back of the bus, there were four kids holding up signs, each with one word written on them, that read, "HONK IF YOUR HORNY."

So I sped up and honked, because I was really horny. But then I realized their grammatical error, so I wanted to yell, "Honk if my horny what?!" But I don't think they would have gotten the joke.

I'd like to thank the literally thousands of people* who sent me emails about Bob Barker's retirement. It was indeed a sad day for me. So now, not only are my Cash Cab chances severely diminished, my TPIR chances are also going by the wayside.

*Not to be taken literally.

I tried to post a photo of Bob Barker, but Blogger isn't letting me. So here is a post I wrote once about The Price Is Right and Ohio. Circle of life or some shit.
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