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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hi. My computer at home is on the schlitz, so my blogging might be even more sporadic than usual. I am doing this illegally from work. Shh. I should know if my computer is dead or not tomorrow.

Before I go, I would like to thank President Bush for bringing the gay marriage ban amendment back to the forefront of American politics. With more and more Americans and Iraqi citizens dying in Iraq every day, a recession looming, gas prices over 3 bucks, global warming getting all up in our shit, the majority of New Orleans still a wasteland, even with all of this going on, the greatest threat to me is a lady marrying a lady.

Why do people care about this so much? Does it really threaten your way of life if gay people marry each other? This is ugly and is all in the name of God, which doesn't really help the president when he says the war on terror isn't a holy war. I know I am kind of mixing topics here, but this doesn't help when he's all "God bless this, and Jesus made me president."

But whatever, I guess he is right. When children study the constitution, it is important for them to see that right up there with the freedom of speech is an amendment saying that gay people don't have a right to get married, cheat on each other, blame it on the children and get divorced.

And as we all know, God hates fags, so it's cool. Good luck with all of this, President Retard W. Dickwad!

As a side note and for your enjoyment, here is one of my favorite lines I've ever had on my blog:

Whenever someone talks to me about God, I'm like, "Oh yeah, I heard of that guy. Hates fags, right?"
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