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Friday, May 05, 2006

I was just at the mall, was in line at a store where I bought School of Rock. When I was on line there was this kid in front of me, who paid mostly with dimes. After the transaction, he asked the dude behind the counter what time it was. The guy says it is 4:57. So the kid says, "On the dot?" The guy says yeah, but I really wanted him to say, "No. I was rounding to the nearest seven."

Anyway, I was in the mall because I went to see United 93. I hadn't planned to, but I was there and it was playing. So I went.

I can't really say it was a good movie, because that sounds weird. It was intense and gut wrenching and grueling to get through. When they show the clips of the planes hitting the World Trade Center, and the reactions of the people watching, it brings you back immediately.

My biggest problem with the movie was the amount of fucking assholes that were in the theater. I thought I'd be safe going at around 2:00 in the afternoon. Turns out I was wrong. There were about 12 14-year-old girls there. Huh? Is this The Princess Diaries or something? It's before the previews and they are all giggling and doing things with their cell phones and just being really loud and annoying. Surely they will shut the fuck up when the movie about September fucking 11 comes on.

They didn't. They were talking and laughing and getting up and leaving and coming back. They were sitting pretty far from me, so it wasn't annoying as it could have been. At one point, there were about four of them that left, then came back and sat right behind me. I shushed them. They still were talking, so I gave them a "Shut. Up." They left.

What was even more annoying was that there were two adults with them (which is how they got in to the Rated R movie), but they did absolutely nothing. There were also other people in the theater talking to each other. If there was a movie where I would imagine you would not talk, this would be it. But no. That's what you get, though, when going to see a movie at a Jersey City mall. There was also a guy behind me that sounded like he had a piece of popcorn stuck in the back of his throat for the entire movie.

Anyway, everyone shut up by the end of the movie, and the end was the quietest a movie theater has ever been. The ending is rough.

I think, though, I was getting more upset by the annoying people than the actual content of the film.

Oh! And hey, remember how Lozo said there were no stars in this movie? Not true! Sledge Hammer is in it!

Oh well. I should have gone to see Akeelah and the Bee. I love spelling bees, but I am very anti-terrorist.

I think United 93 was the reason I bought School of Rock. I wanted to laugh. I then laughed about 20 minutes later on my way home when I realized I already own School of Rock. So I now have two Schools of Rock. Maybe I will give one to my mom for Mother's Day. At least I got to hear the 4:57 on the dot conversation. That made my day.

And speaking of Lozo, people have been asking me if we are fighting, and I would like to take this moment to say that Lozo and I are in love and plan to continue a very happy life together. Even though he is a hack. Proof here.
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