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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I find it amusing that Coors Light, the beer for those that want to get fucked up, but Natural Light is beneath them, is hawking the fact that their beer is really cold. The commercial talks about how the beer is shipped cold, so it's always cold on its travels, and when it finally gets to you -- Joe Alcoholic -- they claim it is the best tasting it can be. This supposedly eliminates "skunky" beer.

They aren't going on taste. It's just cold. They say in the ad that it strives to be the coldest tasting beer. Can you taste "cold"? I'm pretty sure it should be the coldest feeling beer. And liquids, especially alcohol, lose taste when they are really cold. So Coors Beer, by shipping their beer via glacier, is hiding the fact from you that it actually has no taste. Which, depending on your goal of the evening, can be a good thing.

Coors Light. It's the coldest!
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