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Sunday, December 19, 2004

On Sunday I went to the Giants vs. Steelers game at Giants Stadium in lovely East Rutherford, NJ. I was accompanied by Bill, who you might remember from such blogs as, Bill Stuffs a Hot Dog in His Face at a Yankees Game.

It was a fine game, won by the Steelers. There were many great plays, fine catches, hard hits, and most importantly, a photographer got run over by a mobile camera unit.

You know those cameras where the TV cameraman is on a podium of sorts, and the thing moves up and down the sidelines? Here is a photo. Well, they are driven by a guy below. It seems sort of like an ATV. I suppose the driver wasn't paying much attention, because he plowed into a cameraman, and I think may have broken his leg. You can see the guy here laying on the ground. At first I felt bad about taking a picture, but then I realized if something awful happened to me, this guy would be snapping away at my unfortunate injury.

And you know what I just noticed? Check out that picture again. There is another photographer taking a picture of the injured photographer! That is awesome. He was probably laughing his ass off. "Oh, dude, I am totally putting this on the wall! You should see your face. If you were an injured soldier, I'd get a Pulitzer!"

I am neither a Giants nor Steelers fan. I do pull for the Giants because my dad is a fan, and I also pull for the Steelers because I have a lot of friends who are Steeler fans. The game was such a good game though, that at one point I wanted to cheer for something. It was at a point where if I was a Giants fan, I would have said, "Come on now, guys! Let's go!" Or something to that effect. I actually wanted to yell out, "I am really enjoying this game! I am appreciative of the efforts of both teams! It is a shame that someone has to lose! I am going to leave happy, regardless of the outcome!"

I'm not sure how other fans would have reacted to that. There is a "You're with us or against us" attitude at live sporting events. Someone might have yelled back, "Your indifference sickens me!"

My pictures of the actual game play didn't come out so well. There was a touchdown on this play. Little blurry. Number 34 has the ball. Here is a fine picture of a guy who likes to root for the Giants and dress up like an idiot.

Bill is a Steelers fan. Here he is waving his Terrible Towel. Look at how terrible that towel is making Bill! He's getting more terrible as we speak! Oh, phew. He's better now. He must have shook all of the terrible from the towel.

I think that's all for now. Here is a picture where you can kind of see up my nose.
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