Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Yesterday, I was in Central Park and I was walking next to a cop. I heard the dispatcher giving a description of someone videotaping a building. Not sure which building, but he was wearing a green shirt and a red hat. So I was imagining it was an Arab with his family taking some photographs of the Empire State building.

"Attention all units. An Arab man is photographing the Empire State Building. He is with four accomplices. Three of them are abnormally short and keep referring to the photographer as 'daddy.' Most likely a code name. Approach with extreme caution. His skin color is olive. I repeat - olive."

Last May, I spoke of Arabs not being able to film anything on their camcorders without people suspecting them of blowing something up. Good to know we are still vigilant.

For what it's worth (not too much), the posting from last May is one of my personal favorites. I've got to update that Greatest Hits list over there.
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