Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I am running out of things to blog about. Either that or I'm just not trying too hard anymore. This weekend I was walking by a playground, and thought, I can't remember the last time I was on a see-saw. Last year, I would have had a something brilliant to say about that. But now, that's all I got. I simply can't recall the last time I was on a see-saw.

The other day, the crazy lady that yells at her poor cat started yelling to the entire neighborhood the following, "That barbecue smells like gas! Where is that?! That barbecue smells like gas! Turn it off! Is that my building?! That barbecue smells like gas!"

I'm guessing it was the propane that smelled like gas. Sometimes propane will do that.

I often think my blog is infinitely more interesting than I am. One time I was on a date with a very nice gal, and during a lull in the conversation, she said to me, "I wish your blog was here." I don't believe she intended for it to sound as bad as it sounded. But it sounded bad. But I got over it. I now bring my blog with me wherever I go.

Every day I see something else that reminds me of how awful going to Jersey City would be. And then I think, Well, at least there is a really nice view of New York from over there.

So then I could look at the beautiful view of New York and think of all the awesome things that are going on betwixt the buildings. Then I'll go sit in the shitty food court and cry.

A special nod to my pal, neighbor and now former co-worker Kat, who got out while the getting is good. I will miss her knowledge, her style, her voice, but most of all, I'll miss her initials.

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