Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Here I am on the second lap of my blog. What I mean is that in my second year, things are repeating on me. Today is another Ice Cream Social in my building. This happened last August. Next August this office will be in Jersey City, where Ice Cream Socials are merely part of a dream. But will I be in that office? That is the question.

I have been stuck at this crossroads. It's causing me to stay up late and think. If you know me, I hate thinking. But I do it too much. Overthinking. This is all based on my oversized indecisiveness. I can't make decisions. If I was a pregnant girl, I'd probably decide to have an abortion by the time my child graduated high school.

Anyway, the Ice Cream Social is all the rage today. Everyone is talking about it. Some are even reverting back to being children. I just heard someone ask, "When does ice cream start?!"

Not, "What time will they start serving ice cream?" When does ice cream start? As if the ice cream can actually start serving itself. The ice cream is making the decision.

Also in my office today there will be cake for "August celebrations." These are birthdays and anniversaries with the company. So my lunch today will probably consist of ice cream and then cake. I'm gonna crap frosting.
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