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Friday, May 21, 2004

Here are some new subway rules.

Subway Rules

New York Transit proposed a ban yesterday on unauthorized photography,
videotaping, and filming in the city's public transportation systems,
citing security concerns. It also wants tougher rules to keep people
from hopping turnstiles, putting their feet on seats, and riding
between cars on the subway. If passed, these regulations would be the
first new rules of conduct for the city's public transportation in over
a decade. But they must first go through a public comment period, and
the photography ban has already been criticized for violating the first

I would like to see them enforce the feet on the seats rule. "Excuse me Mr. Homeless Smelly Man That Just Took a Shit in Your Pants? Can you please take your feet off the seats? It's unsanitary."

Banning photography! Brilliant. I also saw a story recently about how cops were given tips on how to spot terrorists, and one of the things was something like, "Taking photos of landmarks." Yeah, there's none of that in New York. Those people will totally stand out. Since I have nothing new to say on this subject, I'll refer you to a posting of mine from last May that speaks of Middle Easterners taking pictures.
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