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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Let's all unfollow Charlie Sheen. It's gone too far.

Sure, at first, I thought it was amusing. Talking about his Tiger Blood and his fists on fire. But it just keeps going. And it keeps getting crazier and crazier.

It's like being at a party and everyone's drinking and having a good time. Then someone shows up and they have some weed. Okay, fine, yeah, pass that around. Then someone else shows up with cocaine, and you're like, "Well, sure, but just do that in the bathroom." Then a few more people show up and they're all about pouring vodka in their eyeballs or something. Hey, not my eyeballs.

But then some dude shows up with a horse, and he's like, "Hey, let's all fuck this horse!"

Everyone knows at that point that it has gone too far. Charlie Sheen has entered horse fucking crazy. Let's not fuck this horse.

Inspired by Sarah, who once talked me down off a horse.
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