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Sunday, February 06, 2011

I have decided to stop checking the 10 day forecast. It is too depressing. There are never any days over 30 degrees. Two weeks ago, there was like a day of 38 degrees and I was all, "Sweet! I'm not going to wear gloves that day!"

An old person started talking to me and a friend today while we were walking outside. It was snowing. He was all, "Global warming, right? They are getting snow in Texas! And they call it global warming!" I miss when old people just told stories about being old or crazy stories about when they were young. I said, "Obama's a Socialist" and kept walking. It was better than getting in his face and being like, "It's CLIMATE CHANGE, MOTHERFUCKER!"

Anyway, come see me and my new band, CLIMATE CHANGE MOTHERFUCKER at the local bar on Thursday.

So I'm rooting for the Packers. I have a lot of Steeler fans who are friends, so this isn't an easy decision. I saw a lot of these friends last weekend and I let them know of my rooting intentions. I found myself saying, "The Steelers have won enough. I would like to see someone new win."

It was at that moment that I realized I turned into my mom. That is a total "Mom reason" to root for a team. I am okay with it. Although, my friend Chaz called me a "typical Socialist, wanting to spread the wealth."

I actually don't know who my mom is rooting for. Probably whoever is less conceited looking.

Anyway, if you don't know who you are rooting for just yet, keep in mind that Ben Roethlisberger decided that this would be a good haircut to have right after he was accused of being a rapist.

To be fair, though...

Anyway, if the Steelers win 8-4, I will be okay with it, since those are the numbers I have in one of those box bet things. I will be rooting for safeties and two point conversions.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, y'all. Hooray for advertising and concussions and farts.
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