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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Went to the Forbidden City today. That would be a great name for a strip club.

Anyway, it's all loaded with history and all that. Hey, to get people interested in history, they should call it "historray!". So much more fun.

Anyway, for real this time, there was lots of historray. My favorite part of the whole thing was the Hall of Clocks and Watches. I know. I'm as surprised as you are. But it was awesome. There were some serious clocks. I am pretty sure I have never said the word "magnificent" out loud. I still haven't, but I thought it when looking at some of these clocks. It was crazy how much detail went into some of these.

I can't imagine anything from my generation inspiring this same kind of awe. The Hall of iPods, maybe? "And in 2006, they came out with a smaller one! Then, in 2007, they came out with one that was smaller!"

This was my favorite clock, because it would be a great alarm clock. I'd be so freaked the fuck out every time it woke me up, I'd never hit snooze.

Actually, I guess I'd never fall asleep.

I want this tree.

I took a dump on this sign.

I liked these little guys on each building.

I had a beer at this place tonight. My friend, Lee, said, "It looks like they boiled a Gremlin."

Good night.

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