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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The video at the end of this post reminded me of a story that happened while I was on a blogging break. Which was pretty much the last three years. But anyway.

A few years ago, I was in San Diego for work. While in the airport on the way back, I was waiting in line to go through security. It was a long line, and there was lots of huffing and puffing among people. Why aren't more people working here?! Why can't they go faster?! Why am I such a dickwad?!

Things like that.

To the left of the line, there was a large group of people apparently waiting for someone to arrive off of a flight. There were at least ten people. Kids, old people, a big old family. They must be waiting for someone awesome, I thought. Someone like me.

Soon, I noticed someone in Army fatigues coming through the exit. She saw someone else, but not with this group, and they hugged for about two minutes without stopping. Well, isn't that nice? I thought. Service members coming home from overseas. Everyone in line clapped. It was a nice moment, and made me realize that this big old family must be waiting for someone coming home from far, far away.

Soon enough, a guy came walking through the exit, and the group went wild. People were jumping, kids were yelling and a gal in her 20s couldn't wait for this soldier to get close enough.

He came through, hugged everyone. Now, everyone in the security line was clapping for him and his family. After hugging everyone in the group, he went to his girlfriend, and this soldier got down on his knee, pulled out a ring, and proposed to his gal. She cried and of course said yes. Everyone clapped and cheered louder. Ironically, it actually would have been the perfect time for a terrorist to slip through security, because every security guard was watching and clapping. Every single woman in the security line was openly crying. And every single guy was trying not to, but it would have been OK if they did.

I'm not saying I cried, assholes, I'm just saying that if holding back tears while trying to look tough in front of co-workers was a weapon of mass destruction, I would not have made it on that plane.

Anyway, it was one of those things I will always try to remember when I'm having a shitty day. No matter how bad I think things may suck, there are always people who are doing way more important things than I am. I will also think of that video where the monkey sticks his finger up his butt and then smells his finger and falls out of a tree.

This post inspired by this video, posted by my first internet friend, Natalie.

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