Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh shit, I forgot I had a blog. Sorry, everyone. How awesome would it be if I announced my second retirement? It would be so very Favre of me. I've always said I should be more Favre-like, which explains my stubble and addiction to painkillers.

So what's up? Last weekend was Easter, so I did what any good Catholic boy should do and I went to watch a baseball game.

Jews! Easter Jews!

Cleveland is so black and white that it really is surprising to see any other ethnicity, religion (other than some form of Christianity) or hear a different language. When I lived in New York, I wouldn't even notice a Jewish person. Here, it's like, "HOLY SHIT! A JEW! THREE OF THEM!" Now I know why people stare. And to hear a different language in Cleveland? Unless I am at the Chinese joint in the food court (pretty much the Chinatown of Cleveland), the only time I hear a different language is if I am watching Lost and they are doing a Sun and Jin back story.

Anyway, I go to a lot of baseball games out here. I was at a game about two years ago and said to someone, "You'd think Sherwin-Williams would get a logo that's a little more green." Well, three years later and they haven't.

I mean, come on! Your logo is a gigantic paint can covering the earth with paint. You might as well add a guy taking a shit on it and maybe someone raping it. Or maybe someone shitting in Al Gore's mouth. That would be a good one. It would make me buy your paint.

Okay, I guess that's all I have for you right now. Let me just make sure. Easter Jews, Sherwin-Williams shitting in Al Gore's mouth. Yup, that's all I wanted to talk about. Good day.

Oh, one last thing. Since everyone and their Oprah has a Twitter account these days, you can follow me there if that's your thing. I'm not sure it's my thing, but oh well.
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