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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

If you've ever wondered, Hey, I wonder if I have any paper cuts and don't know about them, I suggest you peel an orange. Holy nuts. I wasn't wondering if I had any, but I found out pretty fast.

I have not been so into the election yet, but I guess it is time to pay attention, huh? I like Ron Paul, only because he seems like he's kind of crazy, yet smart. That's a good combo. I also like what I heard from John Edwards in the last debate, but he can't fight the Clinton/Obama machines. Again, he still has that John Ritter nice guy look about him. He also talked way too much about how he came from a family of mill workers.

Whenever I drive back to New Jersey, there is this little town we pass that I want to move to. Tania does not. I tell her that I can work at the old mill. I don't know if they have an old mill, but it's a nice thought.

Here is my most insensitive joke in a while. We were watching one of the debates recently, and the candidates got to talking about what kind of Cabinets they would have. Bill Richardson said, "If I'm elected president, I'm going to have a Cabinet of Republicans, Democrats and independents." And then I said, "And Goya beans!"

I need to get into this election more, so if you have any recommendations, I am all ears.


Must believe in evolution.
Must not be Mitt Romney.

That's pretty much it. Thanks.

Too bad about the evolution/Huckabee thing. He seems like a totally normal dude, otherwise.


I love people freaking out about Whoppers. I could watch that all day. OK, not all day. I didn't even watch the entire seven minute video. The commercials amuse me.

Speaking of commercials, this one seems to have somehow increased its airing for some reason. The only reason I find this one funny is because it says in the beginning, "Professional driver. Closed course."

Be careful, kids. Do not attempt to drive your Jeep with singing animals.
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