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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So yeah, in the previous post a couple of people left comments about the odd layout of my building. Well, since no one really stays in downtown Cleveland (or Cleveland at all, really), my building is just prepping everyone for the suburbs, so we have cul-de-sacs. And it's a former warehouse, so there are some odd layouts here and there.

I enjoy watching Wade Phillips coach. He looks like a guy who won some sort of contest to be a head coach. He just seems like a generally happy man. Honestly, when was the last time you saw an NFL coach this content?

It's almost enough to make me kind of root for the Cowboys. Almost. Plus, he kind of looks like Bob Newhart, which I think adds to his likability. I imagine Bob Newhart's pep talks to get the team rallied would be awesome. Just a lot of stammering and throat clearing and fake phone conversations with dead people.

I like when they show the clip of Ray Lewis trying to fire up the team before games. Like when he yells, "What time is it?!" and his teammates all yell, "Game time!" I like to yell out, "It's twelve forty five!" Or sometimes I mix it up and yell, "Quarter to one!"

I absolutely love how FOX has injury music.

Gmail chat is a fun thing. I know instant messaging has been around for a while, but somehow Gchat is more fun. And it produces some funny shit. When I have nothing to blog about, I am going to start taking lines and make posts out of them. For example:

Meg: immediately, i started compiling a list in my head of the top ten worst things to say to a retarded celebrity
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