Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's funny that I haven't blogged in a month, but I still check my sitemeter. And now that it's down to 2003 readership levels, I still get pissed. Why aren't you assholes checking my blog more often to see if I update? Aren't you worried about me?

Anyway, you should probably blame my girlfriend. She is the reason my blog sucks. See, back in the day when I had a hilarious thought, I would blog about it. Now I just tell Tania and then apologize for leaving socks everywhere. See, you guys never got the socks part. She gets both.

So she is stealing this blog from you. She should start her own blog. It should be a blog about the hilarious things I tell her, and then she blogs about them. Perhaps I will start one for her. Here it is. Tania doesn't know about it, so she hasn't blogged on it yet.

Truthfully, blog friends, I have pondered putting this blog to sleep because I have not cared much about it lately. The only reason I kept it going is because next week I will be off of the overnight shift. I am thinking that I might blog a little more on a normal schedule. We shall see.

I also find myself getting more annoyed with politics and whatnot, so I am thinking that might inspire me a little. Man, that George W. Bush is an asshole, huh? I am surprised his approval rating isn't lower. How people can still support him is baffling. What's even more baffling is that his Libby partial pardon is what's getting people more outraged than anything else. Everyone saw this one coming. Who cares? Libby was a scapegoat anyway. He was far from innocent, but closer to innocent than many other people involved. He was never going to spill the beans. Oh well. There is so much more to get your knickers in a twist over.

Hey, if you aren't watching Flight of the Conchords, you are an asshole. Or you don't have HBO. Either way, you are missing out, you HBO-less assholes.

Finally, the biggest news in this little life of mine is that I am an uncle. My sister Christina had an awesome little dude named Ian who I can't wait to meet (damn you, Ohio!) I will see him this weekend, so I am excited. But I can already tell you that he is cuter than your nephew. Sorry.

Anyway, I am officially Weird Uncle Mike From Cleveland.

Oh, one last thing for real. Don't go whitewater rafting for your bachelor party. You can break your head open and get your lady to be real pissed off. Just ask my pal, Vladi.

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