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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So Cleveland went kind of apeshit on Saturday. As you probably know, the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to the NBA Finals for the first time ever. You may also know that Cleveland is one of the longest suffering sports cities in the country. So when something like this happens, well, people get happy. After they won, the lady and I went outside to people watch, and it was hilarious, fun, sad at times and just overall thoroughly entertaining. The youtube clips here are pretty fun.

That's pretty much what it was. Nothing but high fives all over the place. People standing in the street high fiving every hand in every car that went by. People were actually getting out of their cars to hug people. I have never seen so many black people and white people hugging each other. It was like the bizarro LA riots.

We were sitting outside at this restaurant across the street from us, but when we sat there we realized that the people sitting near us were actually from Detroit. We knew this because they were the only people not high fiving. There were three of them. Three dudes. All I would guess in their late thirties, early forties. One was just drunk and pissed. He just sat there and stewed as he drank his Heineken. Every person that walked by and went "Woo!" just made him madder. Someone would randomly yell "Detroit sucks!" and he would give them the finger, but conveniently after they passed by. Then there was one other guy who was so drunk that he probably couldn't find his middle finger if you held up his fingers and said, "It's between this one and this one."

The other guy appeared to be the only smart one. He was actually enjoying the mayhem. He just kept saying, "This city is going nuts."

It was. It was lots of fun and I almost felt guilty for rooting for the Cavs because I know a lot of these people have been disappointed for years by their sports teams. Then I get here and the Cavs actually have a chance of winning a championship, the Indians are very good, and the Browns actually seem to have a future. It's fun. When we first moved here, Tania and I walked by a guy who was wearing a Browns jacket and she said, "It's so cute how they actually like the Browns."

My only complaint is the negativity. I went to the Indians game on Friday where the Tribe (I call them that because I am from Cleveland) scored five runs in the bottom of the ninth to win the game. Without a doubt the most exciting baseball game I have ever been to. But the Indians fans just kept chanting "Detroit sucks!" That's just stupid. One, because they don't suck, and two, you should be rooting FOR your team, not against the other team. Know what I mean? I feel the same way when Mets fans start chanting "Yankees suck." It's just dumb because most of the time when it is being chanted, they don't actually suck. This year, a different story, but be a little more positive, you know?

Hey, so some douchebag put a postcard/advertisement on my windshield a while ago and then it rained. So it got stuck to my car. Now, it's always techno night in my Honda Civic.

I believe the real Techno Night takes place at Club Dickhead in case anyone is interested in going.

Speaking of dickheads, I tried to post something a few weeks ago that Blogger just wouldn't let me. Anyway, it was a request for AJ Soprano to kill himself because I just couldn't watch him "act" anymore. Well, he tried his damndest, but that rope was just too long and Tony came home a little too soon. Oh well. I wish the Sopranos kids were like the kids from the Vacation movies and they were different actors every season. Anthony Michael Hall would have made a great second season AJ. The real AJ hasn't been any good since he said, "What, no fucking ziti now?" And that was in the first episode.

Anyway, if I had to put money on how Tony will get killed over on Lozo's blog, I will go with that he won't get killed and there will be a Sopranos movie in three years. But there are no odds on that one. Actually, here's how it will go down. Tony and Phil will kill each other. Then everyone will be left to wonder who will take over the two families. Well, it won't matter, because those two terrorists are going to set off a nuclear device in Manhattan which will wipe out the entire tri-state area. It will be a perfect lead in to HBO's next original series, New-clear Jersey.

I need to go to bed.
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