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Monday, May 07, 2007

Yesterday I went to game one of the Cavs vs. Nets out here in fancy old Cleveland. My lady won tickets at a bar a couple of weekends ago. It just goes to show you kids -- always enter every wet t-shirt contest you can. You never know what can happen.

So there I was, conflicted by who I should root for. Do I root for the home state New Jersey Nets or do I root for my new city Cleveland Cavaliers? Well, being that I never gave much of a shit about basketball to begin with, the choice was clear: mob mentality! Go Cavs!

When I was a kid, I played two years of organized basketball. I am pretty sure that in those two years, I scored five points. One of which was a free throw, so no three pointers for me. In case you might think I was one of those guys who was strong on the boards, I think my final defensive stats were zero blocks and half a rebound. I got called for traveling a lot. The best part about those two years is that this kid named Bryan Menar was on my team and he was awesome. We won the championship both years because of him. I have two trophies for a sport where I contributed absolutely nothing to the team. Our team photo one year is awesome, because Bryan isn't in the picture. He was late to that game, and you can see our coach just looking towards the door with a very concerned look on his face, waiting for Bryan Menar to show up.

Anyway, Cavs game. Their playoff slogan this year is "Rise Up!" So they keep showing this on the big board and showing random people standing and they are encouraging people to Rise Up! at critical junctures of the game. And they keep showing this little kid in a wheelchair who is waving his Cavs towel. Now, he is good at waving that towel, but no matter how loud the arena gets or how encouraging that JumboTron is, this kid just won't Rise Up!

I felt bad. But then I saw Jay-Z on the JumboTron and I forgot all about that kid. And I am pretty sure that he'd be able to beat me at basketball.
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