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Thursday, April 05, 2007

I always thought people with laser pointers were assholes. I got one at work the other day, and now I realize how much fun they are and I am OK with being an asshole. I've been pointing it quite a bit at my lady's rear end, and she has said to me quite a bit, "How old are you?" Then I just giggle and point it at a boob. Usually my own.

Shit, I've had a lot to blog about recently, but I can't remember any of it. All I got is the laser pointer thing.

Hmmm. Well, I went to New Orleans a few weeks ago for the wedding of my friends Doug and Amanda. You might remember Doug from such blogs as My Roommate Doug is an Asshole and Doug Bought a Christmas Tree! Here is Doug the night before the wedding dancing with the worst stripper in the world!

new orleans 015

Just kidding. She was actually very good.

Oh, we were there on St. Patrick's Day weekend, which explains why there is a lot of green in these photos. There were random parades that would just come down the street. There didn't seem to be a pattern or any order. This was the best float I saw. It's called the Crawl Pub and it's a bar on wheels. Whether or not you could go up there to get a beer, I don't know.

crawl pub

This is a gigantic pile of horse shit wearing beads. It must have shown its boobs.

new orleans 033

This is a random dude who stepped in that gigantic pile of horse shit. This is his reaction to stepping in the poop. I must have seen it coming and had my camera at the ready. I guess the nice thing to do would have been to warn him, but this is more fun. I also love the fact that beer truly does make things all better. Look at how happy he is to have just stepped in horse shit.

oh, shit

And here are two of my most favorite pictures of all time.

The first one is of good old Alberto. He got a test tube shot and the girl insisted she be responsible for getting the shot into Alberto's mouth. Alberto reluctantly agreed. And here is what happened:


I mean, it's just an awesome photo. The closed eyes just make me giggle every time. Kind of like he's making out with the test tube. He is just taking it so seriously.

This next photo is the best photo of Tania ever. I mean, ever. So she collected some beads throughout the night and then on our walk back to the hotel, she realized they made a fun noise (she was drunk). So she kept shaking the beads. I got her here in the middle of what was probably the biggest shake ever.

Look at how much fun she is having! And look at her hair! She so crazy!

my girl. gone wild.

If she ever breaks up with me, this will be the photo that I would see and cry over. Not all the nice pictures I have of the two of us on vacations. It will be the one where she was shaking her beads because they made a fun sound while she was drunk.

Maybe you need to see a larger view to really appreciate it.

my girl. gone wild.

The wedding itself was a beautiful wedding and a lot of fun. It was the first time I had been in New Orleans since 9/11, which was kind of weird. My only association to the city was being away from New York during a terrorist attack and then watching New Orleans drown and turn into a third world country. So it's nice to have something positive to tie to it.

Hey drunk people, go to New Orleans and drink. It's still a great little city, despite the murder and all (which doesn't happen in the French Quarter). Random locals at a bar there found out we were visiting for a wedding, and they thanked us for coming and how much it meant to them. And then Alberto gave a blow job to a test tube.

Anyway, it's a fun town for a three day weekend.

And of course, I will end the post with a picture of the lovely bride. My apologies, Amanda, for the poop and Alberto photos.

new orleans 053


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