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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So since I live in Cleve and the Mets still live in New York, I ordered the MLB Extra Innings package so I can catch all the action! And one of the best things about it is seeing games in other markets, but more importantly, listening to the commentators from other markets.

I am watching the Cardinals vs. Pirates game right now, and the two guys doing it are the most tired sounding baseball fans ever. I've been muting the TV here and there to watch a YouTube clip or two, and sometimes when I un-mute it, I don't hear anything for about ten seconds. It's like these guys forgot there was a baseball game they were being paid to broadcast.

Anyway, a foul ball just went into the stands and a fella with long hair came out of a scrum with the ball. He had a beard and was obviously a dude. Here was the exchange between these two really tired guys:

Tired Guy 1: Great effort by that young lady.

Tired Guy 2: It's a gentleman.

TG1: I know. Heh heh.

TG2: I was thinking she was pretty aggressive, heh heh.

TG1: That is one nappy headed ho.

OK, one line I made up, but the rest is true. It's amusing how people are still shocked by dudes with long hair. I guess it's not as popular as it used to be, but still. It was funny to hear these guys act as though long hair on a fella was something crazy. It's like my dad was broadcasting the game. He is still shocked by people with lots of tattoos or piercings anywhere other than the ear. We'll be in New York City, a city that my dad has either lived in and around for his entire existence, and some dude with a pierced lip and a tattoo all up his arm will walk by, and my dad will say, "Get a load of this guy."

Anyway, Robert Goulet was singing Dream the Impossible Dream before yesterday's Red Sox game. It was the weirdest thing. I was like, "Get a load of this guy!" But I was by myself so no one heard me. I can't find a YouTube clip of it, so maybe it never happened. It was only a dream. An impossible one, perhaps.

Oh wait! Proof is here!

And here is a picture. This actually isn't a picture of him singing, though. He was participating in a game called Peanut or Medicine Ball. Someone stood in front of him and would either try to throw a peanut in his mouth or make him catch a 35 pound medicine ball. He didn't know which one was coming, but he was ready for both.

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