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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I try to stay away from the news a few days after a big tragedy. It's just too depressing. All I need are the facts. Guy was crazy, people died, everyone is sad. I mean, it just makes my head hurt to read that a Holocaust survivor - a fucking Holocaust survivor - was killed by this guy. So after I read that, I decided to not read about any more victims. They are either stories like that, or they are about people who had so much to do and so much to give to the world.

Well, turns out a girl that went to my high school was one of the victims. She graduated seven years after I did, so I never knew her, but it made me want to find out more about her. And, of course, she was one of those people who was going to do a lot for the world - literally.

Her name was Julia Pryde and she was a graduate student in the Biological Systems Engineering department. That means she wanted to do good things for the Earth. You just have to Google her name and read whatever you find and you'll be impressed by her.

Then I realized Earth Day is this Sunday, which is probably like her Christmas, and it made me want to do something for her. So I guess I'll plant a tree or something. Maybe I won't do it right on Earth Day, but I will. Hey, you should too! Do something. Plant a tree for Julia, ok? I've never done much in my life, and she did a lot, so maybe this will catch on and I'll feel like I did something nice.

So here you go. Plant a tree for Julia.
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