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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Today at work, someone responded to an email with LMK in the middle of a sentence. I figured out pretty quickly that this meant "let me know". I recognized it quick because I used to be good at Bumper Stumpers (not Bumper Snickers, Lozo), and because txt spk has bcm so n my fckng fce.

I hate it. I hate lol and I hate lmao and I hate one that is something like rmlfao, because I have no idea what it means (attention dorks: I am pretty sure that the last one I typed isn't correct... I know it and am comfortable with it and dnt cr wht it mnz).

What bothers me most about it is that people seem to just make these up and hope they catch on. LMK? Never heard it before today. It might be popular in chat rooms, but I really don't want it at work. I don't want to have to figure out what made up acronyms mean. Has OOO caught on yet for Out of Office, because it should. The first person who sends me and out of office reply that says "Blah Blah is OOO," I am going to sign up their email address to every possible spam sender I can find.

I just don't like this becoming part of every day life. It's becoming too prevalent. I wouldn't be surprised if I got a text message after the death of a family member that read, srry abt yr lss :(.

I was in a cab the other day to the airport and the driver was listening to country music (biggest difference between Ohio cab drivers and NYC cab drivers is that the Ohio cab drivers listen to country music about loving the United States and NYC cab drivers listen to music that talks about blowing up the United States... I think... I mean, I can't understand what they are saying, but I assume they listen to songs about terrorism). It was early in the morning and I wasn't paying attention because it was some awful music, but then I heard a lyric that I am pretty sure said, "I want to check you for ticks."

I heard it a few more times and I am almost positive that's what this guy said. I was at a work conference in Tucson and I asked a lot of people if they knew this song, but no one could confirm.

What an odd lyric. I think they were going camping or something, so it would make sense, but would anyone really want to check someone else for ticks? And would that person who is getting checked be that into it? Like, let's say you are driving to the campground with your new boyfriend, which of the following things would you prefer to hear?

-- I brought chocolate so we can make s'mores.
-- You know when I said we'd be camping in a tent? Just kidding. We are staying at a five star hotel.
-- You know what I look forward to the most on this trip? I want to check you for ticks.

Lyme Disease is not a laughing matter (except in my case where I bought my sister personalized pencils that said "Lyme Disease idiot" on them), so maybe this is a public service message from your friends in country music. You know, right after they put a boot up your ass because it's the American way.

I would love for a rapper to write a song about tick checks.

I'ma take you to my tent/
and getcha ass bent (over)/
we'll get freaky on my aerobed/
where you can gimme head/
you'll be suckin' on my dick/
while I check yo ass fo ticks.

What? Rappers can rap about aerobeds.

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