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Thursday, February 22, 2007

I have this supermarket/deli in my building. It's pretty awesome and convenient. One of the items they have for sale every day is this little sushi-to-go section. I always assumed this was some sort of outsourcing job, being that everything is outsourced to the Asians these days.

I never got the sushi, because whenever I saw it, there was usually one thing left and it looked like it had been sitting for a while.

Well, today I happened to walk by when this guy was actually making it. Not outsourced at all! Woo! USA! Wait, I thought. USA? Yeah, the dude making the sushi wasn't Japanese. He wasn't even Chinese. At least pander to me and give me an Asian, ya know? I'll even settle for some racist Mickey Rooney bullshit.

This guy looked like he'd be a bartender at a very local bar. I felt like I should get Americanized sushi. Like, "I'll have a hamburger roll, the breakfast patty sausage roll, and um, a Twix sashimi."

Oh well. Turns out it was pretty good. This guy must have adopted a Korean or something.

So I have received many complaints about the look of my blog. And by many, I mean two. Well, sorry sister number 2 and Sarah. My blog is staying this way until I have the urge to change it. I had that other format for almost four years, so you know, heads up.

Oh, so even though you are still allowed to vote on things to put up Tim Hardaway's ass, I think my winner was from Kevin, who said, "Mentos & Coke! His ass will explode like Old Faithful!"

Well played. I think it was the Old Faithful line and the genuine glee you seemed to get from suggesting it. Almost as if you don't want to do it to be mean, you just think it would be cool to see. I have a feeling you don't even know who Tim Hardaway is. You just want to see someone's ass go all Mentos and Diet Coke.

Crazy Asians. Always wanting to see soda coming out of the black man's anus.


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