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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hi! I am back from vacation. I was on a cruise. You could call it The Big Redneck Boat. It was a Carnival Cruise. The weather was terrible. The company was fantastic. I did have lots to blog about, but I am now forgetting everything I was going to write about. There were lots of Nascar fans.

Here are some photos.

Here is what Tania and I left getting out of the Cleve. So we were all, "We are totally going to come back with kick ass tans (Tania) and sunburns (me), so eff everyone!!!!"

leaving the cleve

Turns out that didn't happen. We had lots of clouds and rain. But that wasn't the worst thing ever. We went to Grand Cayman, and well, it rained. We were bummed, as Tania and Alisa demonstrate here on the boat over.

thumbs down to rain

So we walked around for a bit, got soaked from the rain, then decided to hit a bar. We then decided to play Asshole and get drunk. It was 11:00 in the morning.

I was very drunk. Here is a picture of me saying "Drinks in pink cups are deceiving and make hairlines recede."


So I took a huge nap and got drunk again later.

The next day we had an awesome day with a fella named Ed. And what I have learned in my life is that you can't spell Edventure without Ed. But even better was our driver named Carlos. He was a guy that you want to have with you in Mexico. My friend Rob, pictured above playing cards, said at one point that he felt so safe with Carlos. His quote was, "I feel safe with Carlos. Like if anyone fucks with us, he will kill them. And then he'll toss me a beer from the cooler."

Carlos is on the left.

carlos and eddie

So anyway. The last night we had a 70's party, and my friend Rich provided the mustaches. It was awesome.

This is Rich taking the greatest picture of all time.

my favorite picture of all time

This is Rob and his wife. He is totally pissed off. I am not sure what the deal is with the guy to the left. He is either sweating a lot or was just on Family Double Dare.

This is Rick, aka Daredevil. He is fairly awesome.


This is JJ. He can kill you with his tongue and his fingers.

And this is Brian. He can't kill.

And here is my lovely lady, in what is possibly the most disturbing picture of all time. She is wearing my old man mask, which I love, but I am not sure I love it so much when worn by my girlfriend.

tania as an old man
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