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Thursday, November 16, 2006

So last Friday I am watching Spirited Away on a Friday morning. It is a cartoon about a girl and her parents who find what seems to be an abandoned amusement park. Then her parents turn into pigs and then she starts hanging out in a bath house and she falls in love with a dragon/boy. And I am pretty sure she is on acid, but they never actually show her dropping said acid.

Anyway, with about half an hour left in the movie, I hear a really loud noise outside. Hm, I think to myself, that was an awfully loud and different sounding car backfire than normal. Oh well. Let's just focus on this 8-year-old girl tripping her balls off.

About 15 - 20 minutes later, I hear sirens approaching my apartment, and they usually just speed by. But these sirens stopped seemingly right below my apartment. I then realize the noise I heard was a gunshot. Hot damn.

So I put some shoes on and run downstairs and sure enough, the street is all taped off and right around the corner are paramedics running over to a man face down in the street. Then I see them pumping on his chest trying to save the dude. Then they put him in the ambulance, and where you would usually expect to see an ambulance peel out and fly to a hospital, they just sat there. Dude was dead.

So yeah, nice neighborhood I live in. People get murdered in broad daylight. If it's dark out, I am totally cool with murder just around the corner.

Anyway, the guy turned himself in, so that's that. Well, I am glad I am moving, I suppose. I could just as easily get shot in Cleveland, I guess, but what the heck.

I kind of didn't like the end of the movie, but I can't tell if that's because it was a bad ending or it got ruined by a murder.

Oh, you know what was funny about this whole thing? As if it's not already hilarious enough. The first responder to the scene was the fire department. I mean, it's great you guys are here, makes me feel safe if there is ever a fire, but I don't think watering that guy is going to help. But hey, I'm not a doctor, so what do I know? Water the shit out of him and see if maybe the Dalmation knows CPR.

I was surprised at how long they were hanging out, because I thought once the paramedics got there and confirmed that he wasn't going to explode, maybe the firemen would leave. I went back inside, finished the movie, then about an hour later went on my back porch and could see a firefighter hosing down the blood. Ah, so that's why they are there.

They are putting up all these luxury condos around my apartment, which is funny, because the projects are right across the street. It's like some sort of insane sociology experiment. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of luxury apartments being unsold or sold for cheap fairly soon.

"You are going to love it here. High ceilings, all new appliances, sure there is the occasional drug related murder, but as long as you don't do drugs or murder anyone, you should be fine."

Where do I sign?!

Tania and I are having a going away party this weekend, so if you read this and I didn't invite you, lemme know. Even if I don't know you, show up. You can be like, "Hey, I Googled 'my feet smell like popcorn' and I found your blog and now I am at your party!"

See you Saturday, stinky feet.
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