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Monday, November 27, 2006

I have a theory that Eli Manning was a Make-A-Wish kid and his wish was to play quarterback for a day at the University of Mississippi. Somehow, paper work got mixed up and he has now gotten this far. Somewhere there is an NFL caliber quarterback sitting in a children's hospital who has been saying this for the last seven years, "I keep telling you guys, I am not sick or retarded!"

I was just in the city for what will probably be my last visit as a resident of the northeast (for the time being). Unfortunately, it was to make a return visit to the dentist. As I was making my way through Herald Square, there were some people giving out free tickets to the Stephen A. Smith show. I didn't even know he had a live audience, but that's only because I can't stand to listen to the guy for more than two seconds.

So I keep walking, thinking to myself, You would have to pay me to go see his show. I was also thinking that given the choice, I would rather go to the dentist.

Then I started doing my Stephen A. impression, which is pretty awesome. It is better in person, but here is how it goes. Just imagine Stephen A. yelling the next sentence:

Froot Loops taste betta than Cheerios!!! I'ma tell ya right now, and ya heard it here first. (quietly) Froot Loops. Taste betta. Than Cheerios.

So I am doing this impression in my head, and it's good. Just as I am really yelling it, who walks right by me? Stephen A. Smith. I was so close to yelling "FROOT LOOPS TASTE BETTA THAN CHEERIOS!!!" It is times like that where I wish I always had four beers in me, because I would have done it.

Oh well. So it looks like my last celebrity spotting in NYC is Stephen A. Smith. That is kind of lame.
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