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Friday, September 22, 2006

This John Mark Karr guy (the one who didn't kill JonBenet) reminds me of this guy I once met.

My friend Rick and I were in a Perkins in Florida at around two in the morning. It was basically empty except for the employees. We had placed our order with our waiter, who was a scrawny, kind of awkward, bad skin, yet somewhat chatty fella. He was a Florida native, I believe. Nice enough guy, but Rick and I just kind of wanted to hang out and shoot the shit amongst ourselves.

He finally left and he brought us our food. He came by moments later to make sure everything was good, like a fine waiter should. We told him all was well, and he said, "OK, well, if y'all need anything, I'll just be in the back eatin' a sticky bun."

He left and then Rick and I just looked at each other and smiled knowing we had an inside joke for life. For at least the next month or so, whenever one of us would leave the room, we'd incorporate the sticky bun into wherever we were going. "OK, well if y'all need me, I'll just be on the toilet eating a sticky bun."

Anyway, I hadn't thought about this guy until I saw the creepy John Mark Karr when he was wearing that blue short sleeved shirt with the buttons up to his neck. He reminded me of the waiter in the back eatin' a sticky bun.

"If y'all need me, I'll just be in the back looking at some kiddie porn and eatin' a sticky bun."

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