Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We get a shitload of spam email at work. Most of it makes no sense, but every once in a while a subject line comes across and makes me giggle like a lady. Today at 4:51 A.M., this gave me quite that giggle.


It then made me imagine that somewhere, someone got that email, and it happened to be the truth. Then I got a little sad. Poor guy. Probably sitting at his computer at 4:51 A.M. in his underwear while his wife was in the bedroom spooning the vibrator. Then I imagined that birthday. He was probably wearing a party hat, his wife had just blown out the candles on her Entenmann's cake, then she opened up her gift. "Oh honey, this is awkward. Why would you get me this?"

Then he would sigh, slump his shoulders and say, "It's because of my hopeless Erectile Dysfunction. Please note that the E and D should be capitalized. I love you."

Stupid spam email. Making me think about sad things.
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