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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hey, my computer is dead. Just so you know. Very sad. Many photos, much music, all gone.

So I am watching The Price Is Right today, and this dude gets to play PLINKO. (What is the AP Style on PLINKO? Is it all caps, or is it Plinko? I think it's PLINKO.) And he wins all five chips. Dude can make some serious scratch, right? Well, he lands four out of the five in the zero slots. Major bummer. As he walks down the stairs all dejected, Bob Barker tries to console him and says, "You know, one time, there was a woman who got all five chips, and all five landed in zero." Then he says, very quickly, "She shot herself in the parking lot, very sad."

How can a man that old be that funny? Most old people don't have senses of humor like that. He is fantastic. When I get that old, I would like to be like him - carrying around a skinny microphone, have a big old head of hair, telling people to spin a big wheel, getting sued for sexual harassment, and everything else the guy does.

And I would like to thank Bill and his wife for thinking of me while they were on vacation. And damn right that airport should be named after Bob Barker. The whole state of California should be named after him. BobBarkerfornia. Sounds good to me.

Go here to see an amazing PLINKO Halloween costume.
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