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Monday, April 03, 2006

So I am doing a little channel surfing this evening, and I just came across the show Wife Swap. One of the swappees was talking about how religious they are. The wife said, "I think the Bible is the manual on how to live your life." Where in that manual does it tell you to degrade yourself by going on a reality show called "Wife Swap"?

Idiots. We all know Jesus is a Trading Spouses kind of guy.

Then I went to see what Bill O'Reilly was yelling about, but there is some guy on there who is filling in for Bill. He yells just as much, but he's no Bill O'Reilly. He is debating with a black lady about Bill Cosby. I can't tell what they are fighting about, but they seem to be agreeing with each other, so why are they fighting? This black chick is scary looking. Check it.

Well, baseball is here. Let's go Mets. Hopefully things go slightly better this year than the lives of these three fellas. Photo courtesy of. I don't know where he stole it from.

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