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Friday, April 28, 2006

I was going to post this comment over at Lozo's blog, in response to this post about United 93, but since it's the longest thing I've written in a while, I thought I'd post it here. I am sure Dave will have a rebuttal where he talks about me having a small penis or something.

So go read Dave's post and comments, then come back. I will wait.

(I am also attempting to turn the comments on for this post. It's only fair.)

Hi Dave. Here is why you are wrong with some of your points.

Point 1: I kind of agree with the too soon thing, and until I heard who had directed this movie (see point 4), I had no interest in seeing it.

Point 2: I kind of agree with you here as well. But 9/11 was a public event. This is America. Capitalize on what you can! That's how we roll.

Point 3: I thought that maybe this was the dumbest thing you've ever said -- "Lining your pockets with 9-11 money makes professional killers seem like angels." The people that made this movie and that are in this movie, including the real air traffic controllers from that day, are worse than the terrorists??? I will chalk that statement up to hyperbole.

Point 4: But then I realized this was the dumbest thing you have ever said -- "Look at the cast. It's horrendous. No one you've ever heard of. It's listed alphabetically, so I can't tell who the 'star' is."

So a movie needs a "star" for you to see it? You seem like a smart guy, Dave, but your argument here is retarded. I expect Nancy O'Dell to say that to Mary Hart over lunch at the Entertainment Tonight Cafe, but not you. And the director, Paul Greengrass, made Bloody Sunday, which is a great movie. And guess what? You probably haven't heard of one person in it. Also, do you really want to hear patriotic music with violins swelling in the background, and then see a close up of Matt Damon or Ewan McGregor saying, "Let's roll"? And hey, Robin Williams is the "star" of RV. Are you going to see that instead?

Point 5: The only people who know what happened on the plane are all dead now, but there is a good chance they revolted. Why? They had already called their loved ones to say they were on a plane being hijacked, and that's when those loved ones told them that the hijackers already crashed into the WTC. They knew they were going to die, no matter what they did. So why not try to save the lives of people that were in whatever target the plane was heading for? And you say that this movie will become fact. The passengers revolting already is pretty much the generally accepted "fact," even if it isn't true. A movie isn't going to change someone's mind one way or the other. If you think the government shot down the plane, you will still think the government shot down the plane.

And dude, a 13-year-old golfer
? You are fucking sick.
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