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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Shit man. It is 6:00 in the morning on Superest Bowly Sunday, and I can't sleep. Effin A!

So far I've watched The Magnificent Seven, which was worth three Netflix stars. Then I watched the Making of documentary, and it wasn't that great. Where was the Charles Bronson interview?? Nothing. It's kind of funny, because at the end of the documentary, they begin to show pictures of the Magnificent Seven. First is Yul Brenner and beneath it says, "Yul Brenner died in 1985 of cancer." Then they show a picture of Steve McQueen and it says, "Steve McQueen died of cancer in 1980." Then they show Bronson and it says, "Charles Bronson made the Death Wish movies."

Uh, OK. So Yul's and Steve's only other contribution to the film industry was dying of cancer? Kudos to you, boys! Or were they trying to equivocate Charles Bronson's filmography to cancer? I dunno, but it was amusing to me at 4 in the morning.

Anyway, I watched an episode of Elimidate, which is just so horribly awful. The people on that show are really the worst people ever. If I ever have a daughter who goes on that show, I am going to somehow spackel her hoo-ha beforehand. And if I have a son who goes on the show, I will give him a high five.

So I am now flipping around the channels, and I see that the Playboy Channel has a show on called Girls of McDonald's. I figure it must mean something more, so I hit the info button, and sure enough...


I mean, really? Does McD's endorse this? And I have been to plenty of McDonald's restaurants in my lifetime, and I never was like, "I wonder what that chick looks like naked." Then someone would be like, "Which one? The fat manager with the ketchup stain on her boob?" And I'd be like, "No, the retarded chick who just stuck her hand in the deep fryer." And then my friend would be like, "Yeah, she's dope." And I'd be all, "Word."

So yeah, that never happened. I was tempted to spend the $9.95 to order the Playboy show, but the time has expired. Now on is The Senoritas of Taco Bell. Not really. It's actually Playboy's Girls of Mardi Gras. Makes more sense.

Oh sweet. Galaxy Quest is on. If you have avoided this movie because it looks stupid and Tim Allen's in it, I advise you to get off your high horse and rent it. Funny movie. Alan Rickman is great. When has he not been great? Sam Rockwell is also very funny. After you watch it, get back on your high horse and never rent another Tim Allen movie.

Oh hey, if you'd like to join my notifylist over there on the left, it is now working, so sign your shit up and get more email!!!!!!

I think I am going to try and sleep now. Good day to you. Go Steelers.
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