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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bill Belichick was just on ABC's pregame show and he said something to the effect of, "Whoever plays the best today and makes the least mistakes will win the game."

Wowza! That is some brilliant analysis.

ESPN2 has been having a marathon of Super Bowl highlights, those half hour highlight shows of each Super Bowl. The Onion AV Club recently did a cool little piece on the twelve best. Or, the XII best.

So they were showing these all night while I was awake, but since it was like 4 in the morning, they were showing the worst games. I don't care how much dramatic music you put in, or how much deep voiced narrative you give to it, the Ravens vs. the Giants was one of the most boring games of all time.

Now they are showing the Rams vs. Titans. Great game, the second half at least. I love Steve McNair. Totally underrated. I also love Dick Vermeil saying, with absolute disbelief, to two of his defensive lineman as they voluntarily came out of the game, "You want out of the game with 26 seconds to go?! You want out of the game with 26 seconds to go?!"

OK, so now I am watching the pregame show on ABC. Were the former MVP's being forced to be there? They all looked like they didn't want to be there. And where the hell was Joe Montana??

Hmph. So I just Googled "joe montana mvp." Here is what I got.

According to a source familiar with Montana's situation, the former three-time MVP asked that he be guaranteed $100,000 in appearance money during his time at the Super Bowl. The league could not accommodate that request, so Montana declined to be in attendance.

Well, childhood hero of mine. You are an asshole.

They just introduced the Seahawks. I think there are 14 Seattle fans there. Um, why are they coming out to Bittersweet Symphony?

Aaron Neville!!! Stop doing that!!! Oh my God, that is awful. Take it Aretha. Holy shit, this is bad. They should just replay the Whitney Houston national anthem before all Super Bowls. Then they should show the scene from Being Bobby Brown where he talks about picking a doody out of her butt.

I am going to watch the game now. Maybe I will randomly post during the game.
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