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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oh, Thanksgiving, how I've missed you.

This will be an odd Thanksgiving, because it will be my first without Uncle Hank. He's still around, but the Toole family has disbanded! My parents are going to visit my sister in Missouri, so I'll be hanging with my older sister and her new family.

So you might say, Seems as though your parents love Laurie more than you and Christina.

Yes, it might seem that way, but my parents are actually going out there to let Laurie know that they are giving her up for adoption in the new year. It will be difficult and I will miss Laurie, but we've all agreed it is for the best. No one in our family really wants to have a relative that voluntarily lives in Branson, Missouri. I'm sure there are plenty of families that will be willing to take her in.

We put an ad in the paper for anyone who might want to adopt a singin' and dancin' queer. If you do a Google search for her, you can see that people everywhere love her and her singin'. For example, duhutch74, said here that Laurie "was very impressive."

So if you live in the Branson area and are interested in adopting a 28-year-old woman who has a great singing voice, please let me and my family know. We'll start the bidding at two bits.
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