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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Babbie Walters named Camilla Parker Bowles her Most Fascinating Person of 2005.

With all due respect Ms. Walters, you are a fucking idiot.

Here is her reasoning:

This year's "Most Fascinating Person" did not change the world as we know it. She did not cure a disease or win the Nobel Peace Prize. What she did was love someone with no demands, no deadline - that is to say, unconditionally. She is the new Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles.

I just noticed that if you rearrange Camilla's name, you get "real Camil kraP Bowels."

That would have been a more fascinating person for the year. Real Camil Krap Bowels. Sure, it's not a person and two of the words are spelled wrong, but I have a feeling I'd be more interested in the intestines of a camel more than a woman whose only accomplishment was loving a prince. Sure he's an ugly prince, but that's what chicks do. They dream of falling in love with princes. Somewhere around the age of eleven or so they usually abandon that dream. Not Camilla! She was steadfast.

In Love With a Man Who Wouldn't Commit

Wow, that's pretty rare.

If you have the stomach to read that whole article (trust me, it takes a strong stomach... one with Bowels like a Camil!), you'll find that Camilla pretty much waited around for 30+ years while Charlie poked his royal willy around England. Yes, she did marry someone else while she waited, but Camilla, come on. Grow a pair!

Hey, so I was at the doctor the other day, and while he was doing his check up stuff, he got a phone call from another patient. He had no problem talking to her and discussing her problems while I was there. Yeah, he was on the phone, so I guess the doctor/patient confidentiality remained, but the stuff they were talking about made me uncomfy. She had some lady problems, and he was talking really loud. He was like, "So, is it just the redness around the vagina?"

I swear I am not making this up because of my love for the V-word, but the dude yelled VAGINA! It was the loudest word every time he said it. The best was that the door was open, so anyone who looked in and saw me sitting there might not have realized he was on the phone. So they heard him asking me if I had anything oozing out of my vagina.

I also know that she is allergic to penicillin.
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