Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before

Thursday, September 22, 2005

So I'm at this party last weekend and this guy comes over to where a bunch of us are sitting and he says, "Hey. Don't eat that dip over there. I just put my hand in it." And sure enough, he had this dip all over his hands.

So I says to myself, I sure won't be eating that dip. Who knows where that guy's hand has been?

So later I'm a little drunk and pretty hungry and I find myself eating the dip. I am there talking to this other dude -- we're both eating dip -- and this gal comes over and she says, "You like my dip?" And we're both like, "Yeah, it's really good. What's in it?" And she says, "Salsa, sour cream and cream cheese." So I say, "Yeah, you can really taste the hand."

I then explained to her about the hand incident and kept going on about how tasty the hand is. When other people would come to eat the dip, I'd say, "The secret ingredient is hand."

So my suggestion to you, blog reader, is to do this at the next party you go to. No one even has to put their hand in the dip. You can pretend. But it is lots of fun to say to someone, "You can really taste the hand."
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