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Friday, August 19, 2005

This guy signed a contract with the Los Angeles Kings. Check out his name. I bet he is going to really love the very clever things that drunk hockey fans yell at him.

I will get you started, just in case you can't think of anything.

You are one of the very few Asian hockey players in the NHL!!!!

Oh, good one, right? Here is another one.

Your hair is interesting!


If you add three to each digit of your number, you will get 69! Hahaha! 69!

This shit is priceless. Write it down. Here is my favorite.

That is a nice suit you are wearing in that picture on Mike Toole's blog!!! It's a very classic look! And oh yeah. Your name makes Americans think 'Fuck you Fuji!' Fuck is a curse word in English! And when you say, 'Fuck you' to someone, it is disrespectful! I don't know what 'Fuck you Fuji' would mean! Fuji is a film company! I would think that film companies have been having a rough go of it lately, what with the digital camera boom! But anyway, you seem like a nice guy! But since you don't play for the team that I root for, Fuck you Fuji! And I don't mean the film company when I say that! I mean, you, goalie for the Los Angeles Kings! Fuck you Fuji!

I can't imagine that won't catch on at arena across the league.
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