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Thursday, August 11, 2005

I think I am kind of late to talk about this, but I want to. The Dove girls. You know, the girls on billboards who are supposedly "real." Not skinny superest of models, but girls that you can relate to. Gals like you and me.

So after I Googled "dove girls," I came across this Slate article, it turns out this guy already talked about what I wanted to. And it's about the Dove girl that I have a crush on. I was recently talking to a gal I am dating or something, and we were having that conversation that couples have, which boils down to "Let me bang these people if I get a chance." You know, like if you ever meet Jude Law, you can have sex with him. He's on the list.

Somehow my list ended up being Cate Blanchett, Kimmy Gibler, and this chick.

I don't know what it is about her, but I really like her. Perhaps it's the come hither look and the chunky can, and the fact that I first saw her on a bus stop ad, and you know how I dig chicks at bus stops.

But then I saw the big billboard and saw her there, and suddenly I was no longer attracted to her. Why? Because she is the one on the far right who looks like she's trying to take a dump.

By the way, I've posted these pictures using the "medium" size. If I used the large size, you know, this blog would be real fat.

I kid, of course, because these girls aren't real fat girls. These are seemingly average gals. I think the only ones that you might consider fat are the second and third from the left.

I think I had a point to all of this. But I don't remember what it was. Um, I guess I'll make something up. So, uh, average girls in advertising is OK with me. Just don't show them in poop making positions. Leave that to the truly fat ladies.

By the way, I've gone to Blogger comments. Haloscan is dead to me. So all of your old comments are dead. I'd like for each and every one of you to spend the rest of the day scouring my archives and commenting on everything you've commented on in the past.

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