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Friday, June 10, 2005

Hey how are you it's eight o clock in the morning and I'm drinking a beer.

Yeah, take that, Les Phillips.

Why am I drinking a beer at eight o clock in the morning? Well, I just got home from work. Someone didn't show up when they were supposed to, so I was a sucker and stayed late. Real late. Hours late. Eight.

So now I'm pretty tired and it's hot out and I don't have air condition. Well, no. I do have air condition. The condition of my air is humid and muggy and sweaty. I don't have A/C.


So I was going to post some photos from Chicago for you, but now I'm drunk on one beer and don't have the patience. I'll give you... let's say two photos. Here you are.

After my work week, I stayed for a few extra days, as did a few co-workers. I went on this boat architecture tour, which was pretty cool and this lady was our guide. Her name was Joanne. She reminds me of my mom, if you put my mom in an oven for about an hour and a half.


I went to the Art Institute and saw this sculpture. I believe it is called "Man Dry Humping Lion."


Yes, I went to the Art Institute and got a kick out of a naked guy wrestling a lion. Very mature am I.

OK, more photos. I've got my second wind. Wait... Second wind? Second city? Windy city? That is fairly coincidental!

This is Matt. One of those co-workers I was talking about. He is really photogenic. On the left, he has a mouthful of ribs. On the right, he is celebrating some sort of bowling feat. I think he just got a spare. Which apparently called for the "I'm going to pretend to be riding a bull while wearing bowling shoes" dance.


By the way, Matt already posted many of these pictures on his own awesome blog. He stole them from me.

I went to the Cubs game. The one where Mark Prior busted up his elbow. Here is a fine reaction from a Cubs fan.


I say it's a fine reaction, because you can see distress. There were too many Cubs fans that applauded the out, although their hope for the future was writhing on the ground in pain. Some Cubs fans are really dumb. As are their beer guys.

I saw Mark Prior's last game ever!

This is Matt again. You might think he is yelling something to the effect of, "Let's go Cubs! I am a Padres fan, but today I am rooting for you! You have a very nice ballpark!" But no, he isn't yelling! He is yawning! Oh, silly Padres fan.


Here is my awesome Mets hat at Wrigley. Look at how awesome and filthy and beaten my hat is. It is really dirty. It has so much residual sweat in it, that if I sweat just a little bit, it makes it look like I am sweating tar.


This is the best cab driver in all of Chicago. His cab number was 4161. He played music loud and knew how to please drunk people. Well, as far as cab drivers go. There are many ways to please a drunk person, but cab drivers can only do so much. But somehow, Mr. 4161 did it. I don't know who that girl on the right is. She just rode shotgun with the cabbie the entire night.


This is just a rad building.


Cubs win! Cubs win!


Here I am wearing goggles at a bar. You don't need to know why.


This is a girl named Tania eating at a Mexican restaurant. The plate you see before her is a dish called Chachos. What is a Chacho? From what I can tell, they take a few tortilla chips, ten at the most, and then throw a fucking shitload of steak on top of them and call it an appetizer.

Hey, Carlos, how much steak goes on the Chachos?

A shitload.

How much is that?

Throw some steak on. I tell you when. OK, good, you have a shitload.


Yankee. Hotel. Foxtrot.


Here is a guy named Jeff bowling his heart out. He kind of looks like he's dropping a really painful testicle.


OK. I'm done. Time for bed. It is now nine nineteen.
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