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Monday, May 30, 2005

So here I am, back from Chicago, looking for an apartment. I'm thinking of moving to Chicago. Of course, I usually want to move to the places I visit. If I was in the Army, I'd probably be checking out the Iraq section of craigslist for a studio or a one bedroom in Baghdad. "1 BR on a tree-lined (for now) street in downtown Baghdad. Must see now! Might not be available tomorrow! Because of the bombs! But you can't beat the location!"

Some of the postings on craigslist are so funny. I saw this at the end of one listing.


Well, thank goodness they have the keys. I hate when you read a posting that ends with, "It really is a great apartment and available right now, but unfortunately, I don't have the keys." Actually, that posting doesn't even make it clear that they have the keys to the apartment. They might just be making a simple statement for some reason.


I just found this one. Basically, this chick is offering to help you find an apartment. She doesn't seem to be a broker, but just wants to help. But then in the middle of her blurb about how she will help, it says, "Best of luck! I will screw you just like everyone else!!" Um, OK, thanks for being honest.

This one is fantastic. Just go look at the photos.

"High ceilings, nice space, safe neighborhood, a pigeon in a flower pot."

Notice it's a white pigeon. This neighborhood has become so gentrified.
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