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Monday, May 23, 2005

I will be in Chicago for the week. So while I'm out, here are some pictures you can look at over the next week.

This is a photo of a sign at a Tae Kwon Do place down the street from me. I don't think we even needed the drawn on penis to make it a funny picture, but it doesn't hurt. RESPECT!

Tae Kwon Do!

Here is a job I am glad I don't have. Subway scrubber. No matter how much you clean, it will always be dirty. It's a losing battle. Especially the E train at the World Trade Center. Holy God, the smell of urine is unbearable. This is 49th St. Not nearly as bad. Although I did almost once step in a pile of homeless shit. Well, not homeless shit, although I guess the shit was technically homeless, but this particular pile of shit was most likely from a homeless person.

This weekend I went to the wedding of my good pal, Jodie. Here she is looking all beautiful (and dancing by herself).

pretty lady

Here she is dancing with an awesome uncle of hers. He was pretty nuts. You know when a guy wears a baseball cap to a wedding, he is there to have a good time. Her smile says, "This is fun!" but her eyes say "Help me!"

Uncle Awesome

This is a photo I took a while ago, last year I think. I was driving back from DC when I saw a bus with the word DONG on it, so I had to take a photo.


Ten minutes later, my car did this. The DONG bus was the highlight of my trip.


This is from my most recent trip to DC where I saw the Mets beat the Nationals, or the Nats for short. Terrible name for a team.


This is Rich. He took a bunch those sanitary toilet seat things from a restroom for some reason and kept asking people if they needed a lobster bib.


This is from the winter, obviously. Snowflakes the size of rats were falling.


And this is from when I crapped in the sink.


Have a good week without me. I know it will be rough, but we are going to get through it.
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