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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

i FINALLY GOT MY FIRST PIECE (aahh, caps lock).

Well, no, I didn't finally get my first piece. I got my first piece of hate mail, or hate comments. A fella who goes by the name of Onkroes, in response to me running over a car, said the following:

Your blog is usually very funny, and I didn't comment last time you did this, but just couldn't take it anymore this time - as someone who's had a complete bastard do this to my car, I don't find it funny. It cost me $5,600 to get the bodywork fixed (wing, hood, roof! damage), and I lost my no-claims-discount off my insurance, costing me another $470 the next year.
Funny. Not.

It's one thing laughing at the idiots on Jackass, it's another copying them - when it's you having to find so much money to pay for someone else's stupidity, see how funny you find it.

I'm a complete bastard!

I am sorry, Onkroes, for what someone did to what must be a very expensive car. Or maybe you have a plane. My car doesn't have a wing. Anyway, I've only done this to cabs. Cab drivers lead boring lives. So I'm just helping.

I know you don't find this funny, and there is a good reason for that. You see, you are the victim. It's like when someone slips on a banana peel. They don't find it funny, but everyone else thinks it is hilarious.

But now I promise to never do it again. Not for you, but for my own well-being. I realize that this might one day get me murdered.

And Oh! I was doing this before Jackass was on TV. So, you know, I'm not copying those guys. My idiocy was spawned by the Dukes of Hazzard.

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