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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Tonight when I was coming home on the subway, I saw a guy with a beard and I got the urge to travel around the world for a while and grow a beard. That would be priority number 1. Good beard growing. Sure I'd like to soak in the culture and all that, but I would definitely want a kick ass beard.

People that wear sunglasses inside for more than 8 seconds deserve a swift kick in the groin. I can't stand that shit.

Here is a great picture of my friend Rich about 10 minutes after a horrific wreck on a snowmobile. Let me point some things out to you. First, the snowmobile is behind Rich, down the cliff upside down against a tree. If Rich was still on it, he'd be dead. Also, you should look closely at his eyes. They aren't quite looking in the same direction. The one on the left is pretty much looking at his other eye, which is looking straight ahead.

He flew off of his snowmobile and hit another one head on. You might ask, "What kind of asshole friend takes a picture of his friend right after an accident like that where your friend is clearly injured?" To you, I respond, "A friend with a blog, of course." Well, at the time I didn't have a blog, but I did have email. And actually I think it was my friend Rick who took the picture. So yeah, he's the asshole!

I'm looking through pictures to see what I can put up here, because people like pictures, right? Here's a good one. This is my friend Robbie. He has awesome hair and is an owner of an awesome restaurant in San Francisco.


His restaurant is called Asqew Grill. It's really fucking good. If I was a restaurant reviewer, that would be my review. There are a few of them in SF, so if you live out there, you should go. And when you are there, say, "Hey, is Robbie here?" If he's there, tell him you know Mike Toole. I can't promise he'll do anything special for you, but he might. He might also put his balls on your food, but I doubt it, though I can't make any promises. And look! I'm even on the web site with a very special friend.

So what other photos can I share with you? This is Doug on Halloween. As you can see he dressed up like... well, he dressed up like Doug.


He is wearing a Halliburton t-shirt. That's pretty awesome and quite ballsy. And Texan.

Speaking of Doug, recently I took an old cardboard box and I converted it into a recycling bin. And by converting it, all I really did was put newspapers and other recyclable paper in it. So anyway, I noticed the other day some new trash in it, but also a sweater and some jeans. The jeans are pretty beat up, so I'm thinking he wants to throw them away, but I guess I have to tell him that New York doesn't do a whole lot of denim recycling.

Here is an awesome picture from Colorado. This is from when I was there in October, not the trip for work. I almost killed myself getting this picture. It was the last picture I took on my trip. I was driving back to Denver when all of the sudden I looked in my rearview mirror and saw this:


I mean, shit, look at that shit. So the reason I almost killed myself was because I pulled off the side of the road doing about 60 miles an hour. Cars drove by me looking like I was a psychotic asshole. But I was like, "Sorry! My wife is going into labor!" My sister Laurie, whenever you are driving with her and some other car pulls a dickhead move, she tells you not to honk and says, "Maybe his wife is going into labor." Or if it's a woman, "Maybe she's going into labor." Stupid sister... so understanding.

Here is a picture of my stupid, understanding sister crying like a little bitch at my other sister's wedding.

crying laurie

What a wuss! You can even see her friend in the background pointing and laughing at her! Suck it up, Toole, ya Lyme disease havin' motherfucker!
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