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Saturday, March 19, 2005

So both of my NCAA brackets are shot to shit. Almost. One for sure. I knew I should have had Vermont and Bucknell in my Final Four.

I like how barely recognizes the existence of women's basketball. The day the men's tourney started, the whole front page was devoted to the men, then at the very bottom there was a link that said something like, "Women sometimes play basketball too".

The other day when I was walking to the subway, I passed by the barbershop I've been to twice. I had my headphones on and all of the sudden, once I was about 20 feet passed the barbershop, I heard "Sir! Sir!" But it was this very weird way of saying "sir." It was like, "Seeir." Something like that. Anyway, I'd figured I dropped something. I turned around to see one of the barbers chasing after me, still saying Seeir. And he has something in his hand, I look at it, and it's a fucking card for the barbershop. Like a business card. He chased me down with the utmost urgency, yelling, to give me a business card. He said something like, "Uh, barbeeirshop."

So I was like, "Yeah, I already go there."

He said, "Oh, you do?"


I stared at him, fairly incredulous, thinking, What kind of nut runs out of a barbershop to chase one guy down to give him a card. Not even a discount card, like after five haircuts, you get one free. It was a card with a phone number and address on it and a picture of scissors. Then I thought, Damn, I must really need a fucking haircut.

I walked on and he handed the card to someone else who was wondering why a barber was now about a block away from his barbershop handing out cards. Go cut some hair, ya nutjob.
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