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Thursday, March 24, 2005

I'm going to bed early tonight because I'm tired. So instead of a real blog, here is a cheap one. This is a letter I wrote to the "snackmaster" at the Dipsy Doodles company after one bad experience. And they haven't gotten back to me. If any of you are so inclined, please email the snackmaster yourself and demand answers on why no one has answered my complaint. Thanks.

Hello. My name is Mike Toole and I have been a loyal fan of Dipsy Doodles for as long as I can remember. When I see people eating Fritos, I say, "Hey, you should eat Dipsy Doodles. They're just better!"

Often when I am at work and I need something to get me to lunch, or to take me through the rest of my day, I go to the vending machine and proudly drop my fifty cents on a 1.5 oz. bag of Doodles. When I have a rough start to the day, I think, I know what will turn this day around. A nice fresh bag of the Dipsy!

And that has been the case for the last five years of my job.

Until today.

I opened up the bag and immediately noticed that the chips were a little darker than usual. No big deal. Maybe my eyes are going, I thought. Maybe I'm just tired and I'm seeing everything a little darker. I also noticed that the Doodles were a little smaller in size. Almost as though they had been broken.

When I picked up the first Doodle, I knew something was amiss. It just didn't look right. I checked the front of the bag to make sure it wasn't some new sort of flavor. BBQ, perhaps? But no, according to the bag, it was regular old Dipsy Doodles with a new look, but the same great taste. SAME GREAT TASTE!

So I trusted the bag and proceeded to eat. Everything was wrong. The texture, the look, and most importantly, the taste. I'm not sure if they were burnt or maybe just a little overcooked. I don't know how you make your Doodles, and frankly, I don't want to know. I just want to keep eating the magic, and wonder how humans could make such beautiful food.

Don't mistake this message as me looking for a handout. Although I wouldn't complain. But I just wanted to let you know of this lapse in service.

Your product has treated me beyond my expectations for many years now, which I thank you for. Hopefully, whoever is responsible for this error will be dealt with. I'm not saying someone should lose their job, but maybe they should be docked a day's pay? Just a suggestion, because I feel as though my day has been lost, it's only fair that someone else's should be lost as well.

Thank you.

Michael R. Toole

P.S. Per your request, the product name is Dipsy Doodles (I think you knew that!), the weight is 1.5 oz, the freshness date is April. The product code on the front of the bag is APR1905BDB.
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